Youtube Comments

$40.00 $24.99


Youtube Comments

$40.00 $24.99

  • Increase your Youtube Comments

  • No. of comments = 100

  • Permanent comments

  • All comments are posted by Real human beings

  • No bots or Software used whatsoever

  • 100% Natural

  • Fast turnaround time

  • 24/7 After sales support

Delivery time: 4 days

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you pay with Paypal, please send as “Friends and Family” or “Personal Payment”. Due to high paypal fees and taxes, we only accept F&F/Personal payments else WE WILL REFUND


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Buy Youtube Comments

If you have created your own YouTube channel and want to create more money on the said social media platform, you need to have a 24-hour active YouTube channel. One of the ways you can do to make more money on YouTube is to gain more viewers and comments. In connection with that, you need to have more comments, dislikes, and likes on every video you uploaded.

These three are associated with each other. Aside from that, it also helps in making your YT channel popularized by many YouTube viewers. Visitors may have a hard time adding their comments on your video.

Additionally, they usually write their opinions about your videos in an exceptional case. It cannot be denied that no one in this world can force someone to write feedback that is desirable and always on the side of the owner. Luckily, you can now buy comments on YouTube.

If you want to be one of the millions of vloggers or YouTube channel owners out there who are very successful in earning money through YouTube, then this article is perfect for you. In this post, you will know some of the important concepts related to purchasing YouTube comments.

So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading and enjoy!

What are YouTube Comments?

When you have a YouTube channel, your main goal is to have positive feedback from your viewers. We cannot deny the fact that it is hard for you to get positive comments from your followers or viewers on any type of social media platform.

Thus, there are lots of services that will enable you to get positive comments immediately. You may buy YouTube comments. Buy comments on YouTube to enable you to get your desired feedback to be read by the other viewers of your YT channel.

When your channel has lots of positive comments from the videos you uploaded, it can help you to be more popular. When your channel is popular, it would be easier for you to gain lots of viewers and comments, which helps you to create more money easily.

It is important for you to engage on different YouTube activities. This will enable you to make your own city with millions of subscribers. You will always have millions of subscribers that are enthusiastic enough to view most of your uploaded videos. In addition to that, they are always there to give your video thumbs up or thumbs down as feedback.

Having a strong connection with your subscribers will benefit you a lot when it comes tothe popularity and rankings of your videos. When you have your own YouTube channel, getting feedback from your subscribers and viewers a few minutes after you upload your video is always crucial.

The comments will have an important role here. Make sure that you will accept both the negative and positive feedbacks being given by your subscribers. Reading their criticisms about your videos will help you to determine the topic they want you to talk about.

On the other hand, if you are just starting in the field of vlogging or video making, you may be wondering about the ways you can do to have thousands of comments on your videos. If that is the case, we recommend you to buy comments on YouTube. Aside from the comments, you can also purchase subscribers and likes. This will help you to have the most-viewed videos.


Why Buy Our YouTube Comments

Real CommentsThis helps your viewers to determine that the comments on your video are reliable.

No Bots Used We provide comments from Real people only.

Start Receiving within 24 HoursOnce you place order, you will start receiving comments within 24 hrs

Non-dropComments are non-drop and basically come from the real feedbacks about the video you posted.

High-Quality Service – Our Service is not like others who provide botted comments. All comments comes from real humans with real youtube accounts. We will not let you down.

No Logins RequiredWe will not require you to create an account that contains your private details, such as your password.

100 Percent Money Back GuaranteeYou can request a refund when you think we didn’t deliver what we promised.

Low Price – Our Prices are lowest in the industry. Buy bulk YouTube comments at a very low cost compared with the other competitors.

Full PrivacyWe will not ask even single information about you and your YouTube channel

Incredible SupportIf you have questions about our services, we have the knowledgeable teams that are always ready to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are they safe to use?

Our Youtube Comments  are 100% safe from AdSense policies.

How many comments can I add for every video I posted?

You may add as per the chosen package. If you need custom package, feel free to contact us via Live chat, email or Skype.

How many hours should I wait before my purchased comments be added to my videos?

After placing your order, you need to wait 24 hrs before your videos gain your purchased comments.

Is it possible for me to add upvotes and replies to the comment sections?

Yes, you can.

How to add replies on the comments?

You can do it as if you are replying the comment of your Facebook friend on your profile.

How many comments should I purchase from you?

It will always vary upon the content and niche of your video. We recommend to start with 100 comments.

Are your comments suitable for any video content?

Yes, we are offering comments that are perfect on any type of video.

Where do you get your comments?

We get comments from our network and different ads.

What should I do if I didn’t find the perfect package that can satisfy my needs?

Email us or contact us on Live Chat and we will make a package that is customized to your needs.

Why should I buy YouTube comments?

It helps your video to have higher ranks than before. Buy comments on YouTube that are reliable and relevant. This will increase the value of your vids while giving you a higher chance to be more popular and gain more money.

Do my videos have an impact to the other users?

We have a network, and we can advertise your vids on it. Our network comes with a niche related to your content. In connection with that, those users who want to view your uploaded videos can also leave their own opinions about your content.

I want to have a customized comment. Is it possible?

Yes, you are free to make your own customized comments.

Is there any problem if I run various advertisements on any part of my video?

There will be no issue at all. It will not affect the comments you purchased.

I want to add my purchased comments to my other videos. Can I?

No. We only create comments for one video with a minimum number of 100.

What is the mode of payment?

You can send your payment through your BTC( crypto) or by PayPal.

I want to keep it private; what should I do?

There is nothing for you to worry about your privacy. You can trust us, and your security is our main concern.

Is there any possibility that my purchased comments can be dropped?

No. You can buy YouTube comments and add them on your video permanently.

Is your service secure?

Yes. The services we offer are one hundred percent safe from the Google AdSense and YouTube policies.

Are the comments relevant and reliable?

The comments we sell are real since we get it from the active and real user profiles.

What about the legality of purchasing comments on YouTube?

Buying comments on YouTube is legitimate. We have our own network wherein we can advertise your videos.

Can I buy comments on YouTube?

Yes. You are a hundred percent free to buy YouTube comments without wondering about your safety and security and its legality. All you need to do is place your order and transfer the URL of your desired video.

Can I avail of the free trial on your services?

No. We don’t offer free trials. This is because the packages you can get from us are at low prices. If you want to try our services, you can spend a little amount on your money. Don’t worry. Our services are worth trying.

Can I avail discounts when Ipurchase plenty of your YT comments?

Yes. We provide you with discounts when your purchase exceeds our maximum. Keep updated and grab the discounts we offer to our clients.

Can my YouTube channel get banned when I buy comments on YouTube?

Definitely not. There are lots of individuals out there who use different social media marketing agencies in purchasing comments on YouTube. This is because the more the comments, the higher the chance for the YT channel to be more engaging and visible.

If you want to have a high-ranked video, consider buying real YouTube comments now!

Why Should I Buy YouTube Comments?

Now that you know what YouTube comments are, you may be wondering about the possible reasons why buying YouTube comments is a good idea. Well, in this section, you will know the advantages that you can get when you buy YouTube comments.

So, keep on reading to know more about it.

  • The Real YouTube comments will help your channel to stand out among others. This is because the comments come from real YouTube users and viewers.
  • You can ensure that the comments written below your uploaded videos can affect your channel’s popularity positively.
  • Buy reliable and real comments on YouTube that contain both negative and positive feedback about your channel. Other users appreciate a YouTube channel that features negative and positive comments from its viewers.
  • Both the generic comments and the custom feedbacks written on your channel can persuade other YouTube users that the videos you film and upload worth their time.
  • The more the comments of each video you uploaded, the higher the chances for your channel to be more popular.
  • Purchasing numerous comments on YTwill help your channel to increase its popularity. In connection with that, making money would be much easier on your part.
  • When your channel gains lots of comments from your viewers, it also affects your channel ranking as well as your viewing rates.
  • The more the comments, the more viewers will start connecting with you and with the other viewers
  • Comments help with the popularity of every video you upload.
  • Comments can help you to create your own community with several subscribers.

The comments that you can purchase come from the relevant feedbacks of real YouTube users. If your newly uploaded video does not gain any comments from your subscribers after some hours of being posted, then it is the time for you to purchase YouTube comments.

The first thing you need to know is that purchasing comments on YouTube is a hundred percent safe, secure, and legal. You don’t need to worry about the issues associated with the purchased comments and using the fake but realistic-looking accounts. Generally, buying the factual YouTube comments will always make your YouTube channel reliable.

As you purchase YT comments, you may be asking yourself if the number reduces as time goes by. Well, YT comments would not go away. Your subscriber may dislike and unsubscribe your channel, but the comments they posted won’t ever be deleted anymore. This only means that whether your comments are real or bot, what’s important is that they are permanent.

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