EDU email

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EDU email

$15.00 $7.99

Edu email lets you get loads of FREE and DISCOUNTED stuff online.

Here are few of them:
• Unidays Student Subscription

• FREE Amazon Prime Student for 6 months!

•  FREE Microsoft Office 365 License

•  FREE 1TB of One Drive Storage

• FREE Unlimited Google Drive Storage

• FREE 6 Months of LastPass

• Adobe Creative Cloud 60% off

• Mindsumo (Get paid to solve problems)

• Auto Desk (Some free software)

• Jetbrains (Educational License)

Delivery Time: INSTANT. You will get EDU email logins as soon as you place order

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The world of online shopping is huge and the possibilities of shopping are endless. There are hundreds of quality products that is being offered at different websites at most competitive rates. With such a wide range of choices available for the consumer, online buyers are always looking for the best deals. One of the best ways to get freebies as well discounts on products is by showing your students identity. Just as you show your student ID card to get discounts on travel tickets, restaurants, movies and other places, in the same way, you can get freebies and huge discounts and concessional rates on lots of things on the internet by simply using your online student identity. For that you would need to have and email with an EDU extension.

What is an EDU email?

EDU stands for education. An EDU email works just like any other email address. The only difference is that it has that EDU extension, which is a reflection that the user is either a student or he is directly or indirectly related to some kind of academic work..

We live in an online world where our virtual identity is equally important as our face value.

There could be different reasons for which you might be looking for an EDU email address. For those who are not aware about the advantages of having an EDU email, you first need to get accustomed to it.

Benefits of having an EDU email account

Now you might wonder why anybody would like buy EDU email account. You already have an email and you are using it and why would you like to change that? To do that you should have some solid reasons and we are going to provide you some interesting information regarding the advantages that you would be able to avail by using your student identity or an EDU extension email.

6 TB Storage: To get started you get an extra space in the Google drive when you sign up with an email. In general, Google provides 15 GB of free disk space to every user but when you sign up with Google with an EDU students identity then you would be able to get 5000 gigabytes of disk space or storage area. That is substantially big amount than 15 GB. You can also get 1000 GB storage with Microsoft OE. So, all and all, you can get 6000 GB or 6 TB of extra storage just by using your EDU email.

Free Software with their License and serial keys: Apart from storage, you can also get some of the software for free and others at discounted rates. Some of the popular software that you can get for free are Windows 8 and 10, Microsoft 365 and AutoCAD. Apart from it, Autodesk provides more than 50 software that are specifically meant for educational purposes and students, or people who have the EDU email, can avail them and download them for free from their website. These software would come with their proper serial keys, which means that you can save thousands of dollars by simply using your EDU email while registering are downloading these software

Amazon Prime discount: EDUAlso provides some exciting offers and discounts for students. If you use your email while purchasing any product on Amazon, then you could be able to avail its free shipping that is exclusively available for students. Apart from that, Amazon also provides a six month free trial for Amazon Prime for students. You simply need to to register yourself by using the EDU email and you can get started with Amazon Prime trial that will last for 6 months. With Amazon Prime subscription, you will be able to enjoy lots of movies, TV shows and other interesting stuff for free. All that you need to do is to use your EDU email identity while signing up.

Web Hosting discount 

Some popular web hosting services like Namecheap and many others provide discounted web hosting service to people within EDU email. For that, you simply need to register with them using your EDU email and you would be able to avail heavy discounts on different web hosting plans. You can also get a free domain and software that would be helpful for you in developing your website.

Discount on cell phone plans 

Just like web hosting, you can also avail special student discounts on different cell phone plans that are offered by different cell phone companies. The procedure here too would be the same as above.

Discounts and special offers on products

If you use EDU email while buying different kinds of products of Apple and Dell including laptops and computers, then you would be able to avail some special discounts and offers that are meant for students are people with an EDU email.

Discount on tickets booking and reservations

Whenever you book train, plane, bus, or even movie tickets online, there is flat discount that can be availed by using the EDU email. This can go from 5 % to as much as 50% and sometimes even more.

Where to buy an EDU email?

There are different ways in which you can get an EDU email address. If you sign up for a virtual University for a course, then they provide you an email that will have the EDU extension. That is a reflection that you are pursuing a course or you are, in one way or the other, associated with some kind of educational or academic study. You can also apply for an EDU email by contacting the University where you study. Check out their concerned department and make enquiries about how you can get an email with an EDU extension.

However, if you are not a student and his solely want to buy EDU email to avail its benefits, then we also provide EDU email at the best price. If you would like to buy a new EDU email address from us, then simply visit our purchase page and find all the necessary details regarding it.

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